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The Weekly Essentials Podcast
The best in deep, progressive and trance
Category: Trance
Location: Paracatu, Brazil
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May 22, 2018 10:27 AM PDT

01. Sidewalk Technician - Watch This (Mac Zimms Remix)
02. Kamaya Painters - Far From Over (Oliver Lieb Remix)
03. Photon Project - Enlightenment (Original Mix)
04. Odyssee - Frontline (Original Mix)
05. Hardy Heller & Ray Boye - Lovin' (Ohral Dub Mix)
06. Solarstone - Eastern Sea (Martin Roth Mix)
07. Mark Pledger feat. Melinda Gareh - Time Stands Still (7 Skies Remix)
08. Stonevalley - Alcatraz (Sequentia Remix)
09. Rozza feat. Tiff Lacey - No More Rain (Rozza vs. Kiholm Remix)
10. Andain - You Once Told Me (Agnelli & Nelson 138 Edit)
11. Almar - Perspectives (Original Mix)
12. Vadim Zhukov - Moscow Morning (Ultimate Remix)
13. Lightscape - Inner-Warmth (Phynn's Overheated Remix)
14. Tenth Planet - Ghosts (Vincent de Moor Mix)
15. Stacker - Tell Me Why (Haris C Remix)
16. T4L - Biogenesis (Original)
17. Janeiro - Muse (Magnus Remix)
18. BT - Flaming June (Paul van Dyk Remix)
19. Midway - Amazon (Ferry Tayle & Stephan R 2009 Universal Language Remix)

May 14, 2018 11:14 PM PDT
May 08, 2018 11:14 PM PDT
April 24, 2018 10:49 PM PDT

1 Tonal Axis - Rainfall (Monoverse Remix)
2 The Stupid Experts - Night & Day

Essential Progressive Track
3 Airwave - Rain Upon My Skin (Rise and Fall Remix)

4 Genix - For Those We Lost (Extended Mix)

Essential Classic
5 Tim Berg - Bromance (Original Mix)

6 Ahmed Romel - Halebidu (Extended Mix)
7 Nitrous Oxide & Sodality - Gravity (Extended Mix)
8 Alex Sonata - Meraki (Extended Mix)
9 Frainbreeze & Ellie Lawson - I Pray (Ahmed Helmy Extended Mix)
10 Vadim Zhukov - Travelling (Mike Saint-Jules Interstellar Mix)
11 Davey Asprey - Kaiju (Extended Mix)
12 Retarder - Beyond Time (Club Mix)
13 Casey Rasch - What's Next (Unbeat Remix)
14 Paul Van Dyk & James Cottle - VORTEX (Jardin Remix)
15 Daniel Kandi a Witness45 - Hong Kong (Extended Mix)
16 Madwave - On The Run (Original Mix)

Track Of The Week
17 Mark Sherry & Marcella Woods - Cant Live Without Your Love (Extended Outburst Vocal Mix)

18 Daniel Van Sand ft. Nina Sung - Slipping Within (Turn Dub)
19 The Enturance & Exouler - Ceres (Extended Mix)
20 Craig Connelly - Trouble In Paradise (Original Mix)

Essential Uplifting Track
21 Alex Kunnari - Formentera (Original Mix)

22 Temple One ft. Deirdre McLaughlin - Reaching for a Dream
23 Neev Kennedy - Sail The Stormy Waters (Extended Mix)
24 Alternate High - Path of Life (Braulio Stefield Remix)

April 17, 2018 10:59 PM PDT

1 Clara Sofie - Breathe (Tinlicker Extended Remix)
2 Andretta - Abydos (Extended Mix)
3 Lumisade - La Tormenta (Extended Mix)
4 Aurosonic & Ana Criado - Ask Me Anything (Extended Mix)
5 Dmitry Kostyuchenko - Lahaina Moon (Original Mix)
6 Irdi - The Light (ARChima Remix)
7 Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab - Noom (Estiva Extended Remix)
8 KeyWork - Almost Heaven

Essential Progressive Track
9 David Forbes Presents Hal Stucker - Disillusioned (Slam Duck Remix)

Track Of The Week
10 Mark Sherry - Music of the Earth (Peter Fern Remix)

11 Ben Gold & Ruben de Ronde x Rodg - Two (Extended Mix)
12 Jimmy Chou Pres. Prototype - Trident (Original Mix)
13 Tomac & Madstation - Breathe (Extended Mix)
14 Aurora Night - Magic Sky (Extended Mix)
15 Will Atkinson - Didgeridoo (Extended Mix)
16 Suzanne Chesterton & Richard Lowe - Antus (Club Mix)
17 Yakooza vs DJ Sakin - Cocaine (DJ Sakin Remix)
18 Stoneface & Terminal - So What (Greg Downey Extended Remix)
19 Phil Deville - Desert Crossing (R3dub Remix)
20 Steve Allen - Isolation (Extended Mix)
21 Psymes & DJ HARN - On Call Nights 2018 (Psymes Energy Rework)
22 Alessandra Roncone - Brainfreeze
23 Lightform & Zaa - Totem (Extended Mix)
24 Chris Schweizer & Indecent Noise - Signals (Extended Mix)
25 Ross Royer - Rising Moon (Extended Mix)
26 The Thrillseekers - Halcyon (Ferry Tayle Extended Rernix)

Essential Uplifting Track
27 Syntouch & Laucco - Astro (Original Mix)

28 John O'Callaghan - Choice of the Angels

April 10, 2018 11:01 PM PDT

1 Cosmic Gate & Alastor 'Fight the Feeling' (Extended Mix)
2 Kate Bush 'Running Up That Hill' (Orkidea Pure Progressive Mix)
3 ALPHA 9 & Spencer Brown 'No Going Back'

Essential Progressive Track
4 Gordey Tsukanov 'Crystallization' (Original Mix)

5 Frainbreeze & Ellie Lawson 'I Pray' (Ahmed Helmy Extended Remix)
6 D1M3NSION 'Mangata' (Nemke Remix)
7 Elite Electronic & Vadim Bonkrashkov 'Impala' (Extended Mix)
8 Damian Wasse 'Coliseum' (Club Mix)
9 J & J Project 'Fire & Ice' (Extended Mix)
10 Marco V 'Subway Monsters' (Extended Mix)
11 Farid & Hidden Tigress 'Diamond Eyes' (Enzo Extended Remix)
12 Memory Loss 'Stratosphere' (Extended Mix)

Essential Uplifting Track
13 John O'Callaghan 'Choice of the Angels'

14 Jan Miller 'Mandate' (Original Mix)
15 Kiran M 'Amarantine' (Extended Mix)
16 Solis & Sean Truby With Cari 'Easy Way Out' (Extended Mix)
17 Alex Wright 'Mnemba' (Extended Mix)
18 Skylex 'Chrysippus' (Extended Mix)
19 Ram 'Africa' (Extended Mix)
20 ORAW 'The Signs'
21 Chris Schweizer 'Damage Control' (Extended Mix)
22 Kiyoi & Eky vs Ade Dokq 'Last Call' (Original Mix)

Track Of The Week
23 4 Strings & Fenna Day 'Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime' (Extended Mix)

24 Saad Ayub & Cristina Soto 'Daylight' (Amir Hussain Extended Remix)
25 UDM 'Move On' (Extended Mix)
26 Memory Loss 'Endless Dreams' (Sam Laxton Remix)
27 Adam Ellis ft. Aylin 'Jaehaerys' (Extended Mix)

April 04, 2018 12:00 AM PDT

1 Basil O'Glue 'Gigant' (Styller Remix)
2 Basil O'Glue 'Hoax' (Tim Penner Remix)
3 Estiva x Ruben De Ronde 'Rainbow' (Extended Mix)

Essential Progressive Track
4 The Thrillseekers 'In These Arms' (Gundamea Extended Remix)

Track Of The Week
5 Virtual Self 'Ghost Voices' (Raito Remix)

6 Funkagenda & Paul Thomas 'Underground' (Extended Mix)
7 Robert Solheim 'Ferga' (DJ Samer Remix)
8 Holbrook & Skykeeper & 1 Touch 'Moonfire' (Extended Mix)
9 TheRio 'Tender' (Extended Mix)
10 Chris Oblivion 'Burning Minds' (Vocal Mix)
11 Lowland 'We've Been Here Before' (Extended Mix)
12 Driftmoon 'Invictus (Isha's Theme)' (Extended Mix)

Essential Uplifting Track
13 Dreamlife & Laucco 'Dancing Water' (Original Mix)

14 Miikka Leinonen ft. Kim Kiona 'Breath Of The Wild' (Original Mix)
15 The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra 'Affinity 2018' (Extended Mix)
16 Andy Cain 'Trevor Trevor Land' (Original Mix)
17 Loobosh & Laucco 'Love Lasts Forever' (Original Emotional Mix)
18 Kiyoi & Eky with Oliver Cattley 'Badui' (Extended Mix)
19 Dan Stone 'Lease Of Life' (Extended Mix)
20 Alex Byrka & Ruslan Device ft. Alex Wright 'Arlanda' (Extended Mix)
21 A & Z 'Symbols' (Extended Mix)

March 27, 2018 11:17 PM PDT

1 Max Freegrant ft. Lina Fouro 'Shooting Star' (Extended Mx)
2 Oliver Smith ft. Amy J Pryce 'Lovingly' (Extended Mix)

Essential Progressive Track
3 Gordey Tsukanov 'Opacity' (Solarstone Retouch)

4 Monoverse 'Aria' (Extended Mix)
5 Dennis Sheperd & DIM3NSION 'Amigos' (Extended Mix)
6 LTN & Christina Novelli 'Hiding My Heart' (Mohamed Ragab Extended Mix)
7 Tom Fall 'Divergent' (Extended Mix)
8 Hazem Beltagui & Sarah Russell 'When Our Story Has To End' (Stargazers Remix)
9 Ali Wilson & Chris North 'Wanna Play'
10 Stephen Kirkwood 'Hooligan' (Extended Mix)

Track Of The Week
11 Alex Di Stefano 'Elevator' (Extended Mix)

12 Danilo Ercole 'Punch' (Extended Mix)
13 Paul Denton 'Revolution' (Extended Mix)
14 Amine Maxwell 'Empathy' (Extended Mix)
15 Faithless 'Insomnia' (Danny Eaton ReWork)
16 Kaimo K ft. Jess Morgan 'In A Whisper' (Extended Mix)
17 UDM 'Polaris' (Original Mix)
18 Ahmed Romel & Allen Watts 'Typhoon' (Extended Mix)
19 Andres Sanchez & Rydex 'Chance Encounter' (Extended Mix)

Essential Uplifting Track
20 Natalie Gioia & Dan Thompson 'Be In Love' (Sam Laxton's Soul Contact Remix)

21 Mysterious Movement 'Saturday' (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
22 Scott Cameron 'The Stars Above' (Liam Wilson Rework)
23 O.B.M. Notion 'Even Without You' (Extended Mix)
24 Ellez Ria 'West Lights' (Original Mix)
25 Greg Downey 'P45' (John Askew Remix)

March 20, 2018 11:55 PM PDT

1 Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor 'Kubrick' (Donny Carr Extended Remix)
2 Matan Caspi 'Crosswinds' (LoQuai Remix)

Essential Progressive Track
3 Luttrell 'What You Are' (Extended Mix)

4 Jaytech 'Song Of Sky' (Extended Mix)
5 Tom Staar feat. Matt Hope 'Come Together' (Extended Mix)
6 Marcus Santoro 'Whispers' (Extended Mix)
7 Costa & Veronica K 'The Missing Piece' (Extended (Mix)
8 Eugene Bednik 'Victoria' (Original Mix)
9 Ellez Ria pres. Arkam 'Aquaphonic' (Extended Mix)
10 Enzo 'Magenta' (Extended Mix)
11 Ahmed Helmy 'The Phoenix' (Extended Mix)
12 Nick Callaghan 'Jump The Chasm' (Extended Mix)
13 Tempo Giusto 'Automatika' (Extended (Mix)

Track Of The Week
14 Paul Oakenfold 'Full Moon Party' (Liquid Soul & Zyce Remix)

15 Aimoon 'Less Than Three' (Extended Mix)

Essential Uplifting Track
16 Suncatcher & Exolight vs. Starpicker 'The Healer' (Extended Mix)

17 Monoverse 'Avenoir' (Niko Zografos Extended Remix)
18 Robbie Van Doe 'Pushed Back'
19 Phil Groot 'Origin' (Extended Mix)
20 UDM 'Highlight' (Extended Mix)
21 Digital Rush & Mhammed El Alami 'Wonderlust' (Extended)
22 SettleR vs. Cederquist 'Emphase' (Aldo Henrycho Remix)
23 Richard Durand 'Savage' (Extended Mix)
24 Will Atkinson & Jase Thirlwall 'Chickens' (Extended Mix)

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